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Which PLA Filament Should You Buy?

Filament significantly determines the performance and overall quality of your print. But you may wonder, "what is PLA filament made of" or "is PLA filament toxic"? This type of polyester made from fermented plants is not considered toxic but rather biodegradable. These thin layers of melted material form your 3D shape, so choosing the suitable filament based on price, features, and PLA durability is essential in creating the best possible print. Some more prominent brands, such as Overture filament and eSun, are well-known in the 3D printing world, but today we will do a deep dive into Fillamentum and some of their great filament options for your next project!

PLA Extrafill

This basic, odorless, multi-color PLA filament is perfect for anyone looking for an easy print at low temperatures. With 53 color options and hot end temperatures of 190-210 °C and heated bed temperatures of 50-60 °C, you can buy Extrafill for roughly $20, which is an excellent price for everything it offers. In addition, the PLA post-processing of sanding, smoothing, painting, and gluing (if necessary) is trouble-free and straightforward with this flexible PLA filament. A little bonus: if you're looking to jazz up your print, this was the first filament to hit the market that offered a glitter color option!

PLA Crystal Clear

This clear PLA filament is a "crystal," translucent option that provides a glossy finish. It differs from standard PLA with its improved resistance to sunlight and heat. For roughly $28, you can print in 6 different PLA filament colors, with diameters of 1.75 + 2.85 mm, and at a PLA temperature range of 210-230 °C on the hot end and 50-60 °C on the heated bed.


The magic question remains: is PLA filament food safe? With NonOilen, it is! This food-safe 3D printer filament is a fantastic option if you want an easy filament to print and work with. NonOilen's blending of PLA and PolyhydroxyButyrate (PHB) creates an unbeatable PLA filament temperature resistance and toughness. This 100% biodegradable and bio-based filament can even print dishwasher-safe dishware! For $35, you can get your hands on this great filament that prints in natural colors at a temperature of 175-195 °C on the hot end and 0-50 °C on the heated bed.

Whether you're just getting into 3D printing or looking to jazz up your prints with some new PLA filament, we hope you consider these fantastic options. These are some of the best cheap PLA filaments you can buy, with unique features and additions. The possibilities are endless, from fun glitter filament to the ability to print dishwasher-safe dishware. Happy PLA filament shopping!

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