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The Top 4 Rainbow PLA Filaments You Need Today

Are you getting tired of single-color PLA prints? Have you ever tried printing with multicolor filament? Well, rainbow filament is a great way to spice up your prints without having to deal with switching setups and creating separate models! If you're new to multicolor PLA, remember to keep in mind that there are a few drawbacks to printing with PLA rainbow filament. Since the color changes are gradual and the distance between the colors is never exact, you can't print models that need color changes at specific points. However, rainbow 3D printing filament is so much fun to mess around with, so we consider you to try it. Here are some of our favorite filaments for printing in various colors!


Sunlu filament does not bubble, clog, or jam and is reviewed on Amazon to stick to the bed very well. The colors in the rainbow 3D printer filament change every 15 seconds through the entire spectrum, so this PLA is what people would consider an actual rainbow. With options of not only standard PLA but silk PLA and silk PLA+, this filament is a great option that ranges from $23-$30. It even has a diameter tolerance of just 0.02mm, which is impressive!


For around $28, this rainbow filament has a 0.02 mm tolerance, and color changes every 20-30 meters. The changes cycle through seven different hues, making the vibrant rainbow. However, people have found that it creates a glossy finish that is less shiny than silk PLA filament. If you're looking for a whole setup, they also carry their XVICO 3D printers, a great option in the world of 3D printing!


TTYT3D's silk rainbow PLA is known for its fast color-changing gradient. With color changes every 5-10 meters, this filament can reduce down to 3-5 meters on its fast setting. That is uber fast! This PLA silk filament is even eco-friendly and compatible with most FDM printers. You can start printing quickly in various rainbow options for around $30-$40 today with TTYT3D filament!


Not only does Eryone carry multicolor filaments, but they also offer their Eryone 3d printers. The filament comes in five rainbow options ranging from bright traditional rainbows to muted tones if that is what you prefer. This luminous rainbow PLA has a gleaming, translucent silk finish and a color-changing distance of 10-15 meters! So grab this non-toxic filament for only $33 to give your prints the color they need!

Grab any of these rainbow filaments to start bringing your 3D creations to life! Your prints might be in need of a little spice, and it all begins with the filament. You can add that little bit of life through color from standard PLA to silk PLA with any of these fantastic multicolored options!

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