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The Perfect 3D Printing Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally here again, and you know what that means... gifts, gifts, gifts!

Does your loved one, friend, colleague, or even boss enjoy 3D printing? Well, they might be in need of some 3D printer accessories, 3D printer gadgets, or tools for 3D printing and these are some of the best 3D printing must haves that you can gift this season!

Polymaker Polyterra PLA Filament

This filament is arguably the best pla filament brand, as Polymaker is an extremely reputable filament manufacturer. This new, cool 3D printer filament has a string of colors available that can make any print super fun and customizable! Priced at only $19.99, this filament can be a great present for a soon-to-be very happy printer!

Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus

Does someone in your life have a resin printer? Well this machine is a NEED for their collection of resin printer accessories! This magic machine has the ability to wash and cure resin prints, which makes the printer's process a million times easier. Priced at $249, this is a more expensive gift, but one of the serious 3D printer must haves, specifically if the person you're gifting a present to uses a resin printer. The Wash & Cure Plus is one of those gifts for 3D printer lovers that will be appreciated and used daily.

Bondtech CHT Nozzles

Are you curious as to what the best 3D printer nozzle is? Well, the Bondtech nozzles are not only affordable, but have a new and improved high flow rate that will aid in quicker melts, which everyone loves! The tri-sided blade in this nozzle breaks the filament into three smaller, finer strands, which then aids in a quicker melt. These nozzles would make great gifts for 3D printers in your life! Buy them now for only $19.90!

Resin 3D Printing Tool Kit

Did someone you know make the change and upgrade their 3D printer? Well this Resin 3D printer tool kit will be the perfect gift this holiday season! This handy kit has all of the necessary 3D printer tools for your special someone to start effectively resin printing! The MatterHackers kit is $30 and includes a brush, cutter, funnel, scrapers, safety goggles and so much more! Not only does this tool kit have all of the 3D printing essentials, but it also acts as the perfect 3D printer tool organizer!

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer Gun

Okay, this one is more for fun, and a little over the top, but if someone who loves 3D printing was given a thermometer gun, they would absolutely love it! Although this isn't primarily considered a 3D printer gadget, this can be used to check the temperatures of their printer beds. They could be aware of any potential cold spots in the bed or if it isn't heating to the temperature it is supposed to be reading. This fun gadget is only $24.99 and can be used for a plethora of other things outside of 3D printing!

It's time to get in the holiday spirit and get to shopping for some fantastic 3D printing accessories to give to the special "printers" in your life! We hope these 3D printing gift ideas got you the inspiration you needed to get the ball rolling! If you gift any of these presents this holiday, that special someone is bound to be ecstatic to get started on their next 3D printing project!

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