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The Best 3D Sculpting Apps for Your iPad

3D sculpture software has evolved in more ways than one. 3D sculpting programs are generally designed to run on computers since they are graphics-heavy, but thanks to technology, specifically Apple's, there are exceptional sculpt programs offered on iPads. As a result, 3D sculpting on an iPad has become something anyone can learn and enjoy.

Nomad Sculpt

For around $15, you can download Nomad on any iPad Pro or iPad. Nomad drawing features include several brush types, cutting tools for polygons, vertex painting, great pencil sensitivity, and the ability to work by layers. Although the app is easy to navigate, if you're unsure of how to 3D sculpt, to begin with, you can watch a Nomad Sculpt tutorial on YouTube to help you get started!


Forger app is an iPad-exclusive app that offers multi-touch sculpting. With various brush types, impressive resolution features, and precise brush settings, this app is free for a limit of files or $15 a year with unlimited files. However, the one significant distinction between Forger and Nomad is that Nomad has rendering capabilities, while Forger does not. Nevertheless, Forger has excellent 3D modeling software for iPad along with sculpting features in the app that is perfect for amateurs and professionals!


The Sculptura iPad app is only $10. It includes features of 10 different brush types, high-quality GPU processing, detailed meshing, and an editing history so that you can go back and edit your work if necessary. In addition, Sculptura is a great modeling program and easy to understand and navigate.


For only $5, the cheapest of these top 4 apps, you can receive every feature on the Putty app. Although Putty takes time to navigate and get used to, it's worth the fast modeling process! In addition, this app is compatible with Apple Pen, has various brush types, can export for other projects, and features terrific lighting tools.

3D sculpting on an iPad is made easy with these fantastic app options. With the rise of technology, the world of 3D modeling, printing, sculpting, and designing is at our fingertips on our digital devices at home! So let us know if you downloaded any of these phenomenal apps and gave the sculpting world a try!

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