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What is MJF 3D Printing?

Within the world of 3D printing, Multi Jet Fusion, also known as MJF printing, stands out as a very effective method for many different uses, including designs that require complex geometries, shapes that need to eliminate supports, and finely detailed, accurate printing. Although it is a relatively new method of 3D printing, MJF printers have become vital to many industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. Multi-Jet Fusion is designed to produce functional, end-use parts and is known for its speed, accuracy, and ability to produce detailed and complex geometries.

What is MJF?

An MJF 3D printer works by laying a bed of powdered material and then running inkjet nozzles across, which deposit fusing and detailing agents to the powder. Layer by layer, this process continues until the part is built, at which point the residual powder that hasn't been fused can be vacuumed away to be reused, and the object itself can have any finishing touches applied.

MJF parts come out of the print with a very high-quality surface and no supports to remove, which often means that there's much less post-production needed than is necessary for many other methods. This method is also relatively fast, making it ideal for a high volume production where parts must be printed as quickly as possible. The detail that is possible to achieve with multijet printing is outstanding and part of the draw for projects that need fine, accurate detailing and high resolution.

So, with all these incredible perks, are there any drawbacks to 3D printing with MJF? The primary drawback for individuals or businesses just getting into printing is the initial investment into the printers themselves, which are typically very expensive. An HP Multi Jet Fusion printer will be up to or exceed several hundred thousand dollars, which is a significant investment for most applications.

Fortunately, many 3D printing services have already made this investment for you, so you can collaborate and benefit from this incredible technology without needing to buy one or multiple printers yourself.

Are you looking to print with MJF? Reach out to our team, and let us get you a quote for your project.

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