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The Top 5 iOS 3D Modeling Apps of 2022

Thankfully technology continues to evolve, and our phones and tablets can do things we would never have deemed possible! There are now amazing 3D drawing apps, 3D design apps, and 3D modeling iOS apps! If you're looking to get into 3D modeling, designing, and drawing on any of your iOS devices, here are some of the best apps you can download today to get started!


uMake's unique "touch input" approach to modeling sets them apart from many other platforms and is why they are considered one of the best apps for 3D modeling. In this model app, you can use 2D sketches to create 3D shapes and view these completed 3D designs in augmented reality! This app includes a 14-day free trial and then costs around $96 a year. The uMake app is best suited and beneficial for visualization and concept work and is best if downloaded on an iPad!


Many people find it simple to figure out how to use Tinkercad. With over 4,000 reviews and their 4.6-star rating, many people want the answer to "what is Tinkercad?". With the free app's easy-to-use interface, many people find it extremely beneficial in the sketching and modeling steps of creating 3D prints. This is a very popular iPad 3D modeling app with Apple Pencil and AR support!


This 4.8-star app is a powerhouse for 3D modeling. If you download Shapr3D on your iPad, you will get the most out of the 3D software included in this app. Once downloaded, there is a limited free version to start and then a pro subscription for around $240. This might seem expensive, but the software of this modeling app is highly professional, as engineers and industrial designers use it. Shapr3D is the way to go if you're looking for an experienced, functional, and reliable interface with abundant features.


This 3D modeling app for iPads is versatile in its users and aims to please a variety of people. Morphi's style incorporates 2D drawing with a 3D environment, which makes it all the more special. Being a free app is one of its many perks, although you can pay $10 for the full version to receive all of the capabilities of the modeling app. 3D modeling on your iPad doesn't get easier than with this free, handy app.

SketchUp Go

As one of the industry's most popular 3D modeling software, it's only right that SketchUp Go now has an entirely functioning and professional app for iOS users. You can seamlessly transfer designs from your desktop to your app through the SketchUp Go interface. For around $120 a year, you can experience the mindblowing functionality of this app from any of your iOS devices. Still, it is best supported on an iPad, as you can physically see more on the larger screen.

Let us know if you download any of these top 3D modeling apps of 2022. With the year coming to an end, we are excited to see how technology continues to advance and what incredible 3D apps will be released in the new year! Cheers to 2023, and happy 3D modeling!

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