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The Best Putty & Primer Fillers For Your 3D Prints in 2022

No matter how experienced you are in 3D printing, there are always going to be some prints that have imperfections, cracks, or gaps. Sometimes you have to turn to some handy products that can help fix the appearance of these imperfections. Thankfully, you have stumbled across the ultimate guide of the best filler primers and putty primers to make your prints smoother than ever!

Acrylicos Vallejo Plastic Putty

This putty is considered one of the best plastic fillers, more specifically in the world of acrylic models. The brush-on plastic putty smooths out the imperfections on your prints prior to painting. This waterproof, quick drying putty sticks great to any print surface. Check out Amazon, your local craft store, or various online retailers to purchase this cheap, easy-to-easy putty for only $5-$7!



This 3D print filler primer is better considered a high-end smoother for any imperfections you might have in your prints. Rather than physically filling any gaps, this brush-on applicant works to smoothly hide any gaps and leave a shiny finish to your prints. By painting 3D prints with this smoother, you will see your 3D print layer lines disappear. This product is on the more expensive side, as it is around $45. You can find it at your local hardware/specialist stores or various online retailers.


This primer is best known for being one of the best body fillers in the automotive industry. This 3D printing filler primer differs from its competitors as it comes in both a classic brush-on form and aerosol spray can. Although the spray form might be easier for the application process, use with caution because spraying this can emit harmful chemical fumes. This filler can be found for around $14 on Amazon, other online retailers, or your local hardware and automotive stores.

Bondo Putty

This premixed 3D printing putty can be used right out of the package when you purchase it, but make sure you remember to sand your print after using it. This putty can be messy and difficult to apply on tiny areas of your 3D print, although it adds a nice waterproof finish without any excess weight. For only around $10 you can buy this putty at your local supermarket, hardware store, or ordered in the comfort of your own home on Amazon.

Milliput Putty

This two-part epoxy putty is non-shrinking and easily moldable with your fingers. The safe, waterproof putty dries in only a few hours to a hard, sandable finish. Although it is also considered to be messy, what putty isn't messy? Get your hands on this $5-$10 cold-setting putty by visiting your local hardware store or browsing Amazon to make an online order.

Now you can go purchase some 3D print putty and/or filler primer for your next 3D print project that doesn't go as perfectly as you had hoped. Just know that these imperfections you have experienced are just a part of the 3D printing process and are completely normal. It's time to putty!

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