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How to buy a cheap 3D printer?

One of the many advantages of 3D printing is that it allows the user the experience of creating their own pieces. In addition, there is an extensive community of users on the Internet with different levels of experience willing to help or provide ideas or challenges for new consumers.

The most common desktop 3D printing technology is FDM or FFF, which offers affordable prices and a fairly wide range of compatible materials that are also quite cheap. The only limitation of this technology is the size of the pieces, being a desktop printer it offers approximate dimensions of 200x200 mm.

The first steps in choosing a 3D printer is to take into account your needs:

· Printing materials: The most popular materials in home printing are ABS and PLA, you can find the descriptions of both materials in our 3D Printing Materials section.

In summary, both materials are low-cost filaments that have very good properties for prototyping and even for final parts. The main difference between both materials is the handling of the filament during printing and its cooling process.

· Printing system: Currently there is a wide variety of 3D printing systems at an industrial level, however, for a domestic scale, the most recommended is FFF or FDM technology. Within the 3D printing community it is possible to find tutorials for its use, this technology melts the filament and deposits it on the printing bed layer by layer until the piece is completely formed.

· Trademark or DIY: As mentioned above, the world of 3D printing allows the user to experiment with designs, materials and prototypes, but also allows the user to experience building their own 3D printer.

There are DIY models that invite the user to live the adventure of setting up their own 3D printer, prices are regularly more accessible because they are free designs. In addition, by assembling the printer itself, the user has the opportunity to learn more about how it works. For questions, the 3D printing community has all the answers.

On the other hand, commercial models are faster because the printers come out of the box, no technical knowledge is necessary to start printing your designs. And, being closed designs, you can always go to the manufacturer's page to consult the common questions of a new user.

Returning to the question how to buy a cheap 3D printer, you have to know your needs: if you are looking for a printer to experiment, to improve your skills, or perhaps to start your business. Once the objective that the technology will fulfill is recognized, you can begin to detail: what level of precision am I looking for?, printing times, part quality, etc… in addition to taking into account if you will have to get accessories such as a heated printing bed. , closed printing chamber, extractor, among others.

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