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5 Amazing Tools You Can 3D Print and Use Daily

Tools have been used throughout history to extend a human's ability to create and modify objects. However, 3d printer tools are a new, innovative creation that has made these everyday tasks cheaper and more convenient. In addition to a cost and space-effective computer design, a major benefit of computer-aided design (cad) is the increased productivity of designers. In today's day and age, a cad design engineer can 3d print a design with the minimal tools needed for 3d printing and, in many cases, with minimal 3d printer accessories.

So what is a cad designer anyway? Cad is the use of computers to aid in creating and modifying a design. There are different ways to familiarize yourself with cad: you can learn cad design by taking a cad design course, working on cad design projects, and working on mechanical cad design or industrial cad design. You will be surprised at the amount of 3d print tools you can 3d sketch, design, and create.

Useful 3d printed tools come in many different forms, but have you ever wondered what the best tools to 3d print are? Here are the top five 3d printing must-haves for your 3d printer tool kit!

Fully Assembled Wrenches

What's a toolkit without a wrench? Although printed wrenches have limited functionality, they are a great tool to have on hand that you can create in many different sizes to fit your needs. In addition, these non-adjustable wrenches are invaluable additions to your 3d printing tools and can be designed on almost any software design tool.

Sanding Stick

This customizable tool is probably one of the greatest 3d print sanding tools you can create. Four sample sticks are available to secure sandpaper with printable screws, but if you feel inclined to make your own that better fit your needs, you can make them in all different sizes by modifying your product design cad. And best of all, you can easily do this without the best 3d printer accessories on the market!

Screwdriver Accessories

Screwdrivers are also essential to any tool kit. For example, the 3d printed ratchet screwdriver has a large grip handle for comfort and ease when screwing and unscrewing. You can also 3d print accessories for your screwdriver, like pocket-size bit handles, screwdriver bits, and nuts & bolts.

Wire Stripper

This DIY wire stripper is a great alternative to remove the wire's rubber coating and expose its internal copper strands. This single-edged industrial razor blade with two 3d printed parts is a great tool for cad mechanical design and tasks such as soldering. A great at-home printed tool made possible by industrial design cad.


We all know vices must be strong and sturdy for all projects in your workshop or garage. Thankfully when you 3d print your own, they can withstand the pressure needed to work properly.

Now that you have a head start on the first basic tools to add to your 3d printing tool kit let your imagination take over and test the many possibilities made possible by cad industrial design. I hope this inspires you to work with computer-aided design and drafting for future projects! Happy printing!

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