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3D Scanner Apps You Need On Your iPhone

Thanks to photogrammetry software, we are now able to use our smartphones to create 3D digital images. You take photos around the object you wish to 3D scan and then the photogrammetry software stitches the photos together to create your image.

In addition to photogrammetry 3d scanning, Apple's TrueDepth camera system and advanced lidar (light detection and ranging) technology allows you to 3D scan any object you want with a variety of 3D scanner apps on your iOS devices.

These are the best 3D Scanner Apps for iPhones in 2022!


This is a very special app for phones with 3d scanning. Trnio has an object mode that captures images automatically while you walk around the object. You can capture anything from a full environment to the tiny details of a small object. Although the app has many capabilities, you must set up the scene before a scan to ensure the best results. Make sure the lighting is good (outdoor is preferred) and place the object in front of a blank wall to avoid confusing the scan process.

Scandy Pro

This user-friendly 3D scanning app offers real-time previews while your object is being scanned! If the scan is not what you envisioned or would have liked it to be, you can save wasted time and end the scan if you choose to do so. To ensure a successful scan, keep your phone stationary and instead rotate the object you are scanning, therefore the image stays in the camera's direct view the entire time. This handy app is free with in-app purchases if you wish to enhance your experience with Scandy Pro.

3D Scanner App

The basic platform is free for this 3D scanner app. This app allows you to process photos and videos in real-time to create high resolution 3D models with texture. With 3D Scanner App you can export your scans in a variety of formats, while additionally being able to share your creations via iMessage!


Although this app is free, there are additional in-app purchases to expand your experience in the app. Yes, Heges is a 3D scanner app, but it is one you can capture anything with, from body parts to entire automobiles. As long as your Apple device is equipped with lidar technology and face id, you can 3d model anything you want! When you start scanning, make sure the object is still and your iOS device rotates around the object. The slower your movements, the better your scan will be. Heges will vibrate your iPhone to alert you that you are moving too fast during a scan, which allows for no interruption while the scan is trying to finish.

You have now learned about the best 3d scanner apps for your iPhone! I hope you download one or all four of these apps and give them a try on your iPhone or other iOS devices. Happy scanning!

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