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3D printing services in M Aerospace RTC vs printing at home

The great advantage of 3D printing is that it gives the user the possibility of experimenting at home or business with home printers of an excellent level and quality. However, there are users who, although they like the design of parts, do not want or do not have the resources to afford trial and error when printing their parts.

This is why there are also 3D Printing service centers, such as M Aerospace RTC, where the user is allowed to instantly quote their own designs based on printing time and material. For their part, the same sites regularly have the option of completely designing what the client requires and then printing it and sending it directly to their home.

There are also so-called 3D printing farms that are Hubs or 3D printing centers (usually cheap 3D printers that in some cases offer quality 3D prints, with certain finishes or post-processing or some others are simply for prototypes and validation of concept), that is why when choosing a place to print your parts or models you must consider some aspects such as whether your part requires certain tolerances, specifications or will be subject to some mechanical stress and requires some special material or with some certification , things that generally 3D printing farms do not have such capacity.

Both options are usually inexpensive, but it depends on the application of the parts. Prints in filaments such as ABS and PLA will be economical in both options, the main difference lies in the experience of the person in charge of printing, on this it will depend if the piece comes out in one or several iterations, if it will require supports and the material of the themselves, as well as the positioning of the printing layers depending on the function of the piece.

On the other hand, there are also the emerging technologies of DMLS metal powder bed printing or sintered Binder Jetting that are alternatives to conventional machining of parts or plastic injection, these last two technologies are usually more expensive in most cases, however, if you learn to use Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) methodologies, you will undoubtedly achieve the benefits of 3D printing. Such is the clear example where the same piece "Propeller" was printed by 4 different materials being the first printed in Metal at a high cost but very quickly to manufacture, in the second photo we have the same piece but molded in plastic requiring the manufacture of mold and tooling having a high initial manufacturing cost but in volume its cost decreases, and in the third option the piece is printed with SLA technology (resin), without the need for any associated cost and finally we take the same piece printed in SLA but a protective surface layer was applied to it to have similar properties to the metal printing part, without the costs of printing, since the matrix is ​​plastic.

All these types of services are undoubtedly advantages of having your parts printed in centers such as M Aerospace RTC. If you have a project in mind that requires our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can answer any questions you have, remember that we are the best option and the best 3D printing service in Mexico, Latin America and the USA.

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