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3D Printed Summer Fun

Summer is here, and what better way to embrace the season than with some fun and innovative 3D prints? Whether you’re hitting the beach, hosting a barbecue, or simply enjoying the warm weather, 3D printing offers endless possibilities to enhance your summer activities. From beach toys to outdoor gadgets, here are some of the coolest 3D-printed things for summer fun.

Beach Toys and Accessories

One of the growing uses for 3D printing in the summer is creating custom beach toys. The Toybox 3D printer allows you to design and print a variety of beach toys. The possibilities are endless, from intricate sandcastle molds to personalized beach buckets and shovels. These prints not only keep kids entertained but also unleash creativity on the sandy shores.

Outdoor Games

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor games, and 3D printing can elevate your game collection. Consider printing items like frisbees, bocce balls, or even a custom-made cornhole set. Using a good 3D printer for beginners, you can find a plethora of designs online to get started. Websites such as Thingiverse offer a wide range of 3D printer designs that cater to different skill levels.

Garden Tools and Decor

For those who love gardening, 3D printing can be a game-changer. Print custom plant markers, watering cans, or decorative garden gnomes. With a large 3D printer, you can even create intricate planters and garden sculptures. These 3D-printed items enhance your garden’s aesthetic and add a personal touch.

Poolside Gadgets

Enhance your poolside experience with some innovative 3D-printed gadgets. You can create floating drink holders, waterproof phone cases, or fun pool toys. Using a resin 3D printer or a selective laser sintering (SLS) printer can ensure your prints are durable and water-resistant, perfect for poolside use.

Camping Gear

For the adventurous types, 3D printing offers unique solutions for camping gear. Print lightweight utensils, custom-fit tent stakes, or even a portable camping stove. Metal 3D printers and those capable of metal printing can produce robust and durable items that can withstand the adventures of the great outdoors.

Fun and Functional Accessories

From custom sunglasses to intricate bottle openers, the list of fun and functional 3D-printed summer accessories is endless. A good cheap 3D printer or a starter 3D printer can help you get started on these exciting projects. Look for the top-rated 3D printers to ensure quality and reliability in your prints.


3D printing offers a ton of possibilities for summer fun. Whether you’re creating beach toys, garden decor, or camping gear, the versatility of 3D printers can bring your ideas to life. For beginners, there are many resources and 3D printing services available to help you get started. So, fire up your 3D printer and make this summer unforgettable with the coolest 3D prints!

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