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Shipping and payment policies

Our Policies The information on our website and in our catalog may contain inaccuracies and technical and typographical errors.

Information may be changed or updated without notice. M Aerospace RTC reserves the right to make improvements, changes in products and information at any time without notice.

Payment Methods

  • Interbank transfer / Deposit

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Shipping Policies

M Aerospace RTC is committed to sending the products purchased by the customer in a timely manner, however M Aerospace RTC has no responsibility once the product is delivered to the parcel company, the customer can track their package through the guide provided. (In case of purchase through a platform, the client will have to request all the shipping information from the platform).

Considering that the product is not exempt from some mishap or physical damage caused by the parcel, the customer may request shipping insurance, which will have a different cost depending on the nature and cost of the product, this is optional but recommended.

Shipments are made on business days, this is from Monday to Friday, with an average shipping time of 7 to 10 business days.

Ground shipping takes 2-5 business days, depending on zip code. In codes outside of coverage, an extra amount is charged for redirection, based on the parcel, and deliveries are made only 1 or 2 days per week.


Only factory defect warranties will be valid, in order to be valid, the customer must contact their commercial advisor who will request evidence of the defect, product information and purchase information, the warranty with M Aerospace RTC is 1 month and the manufacturer's warranty will refer to the brand of the product

The warranty will not be valid if the customer uses accessories or filaments not recommended or approved by M Aerospace RTC.

The guarantee does not cover any type of physical damage (call physical damage: broken, scratched, modified products, with loose parts, damp, exposed to inappropriate climates, with signs of plague, etc.); Likewise, there is NO warranty for products that are given an inappropriate or exaggerated use for which they are designed.

In the same way, the guarantee does not cover damages generated by the parcel company that carries out the shipment of the product.

The costs of shipping the product to make the guarantee valid will be borne by the customer (Costs are understood as package freight, transport costs, packaging costs, and all expenses that require the shipment of a product)


Refunds will only be effective if authorized and with the consent of inovamakret.

The customer has 5 business days from the date they receive their order to carry out a return process.

*The costs of returns that have been expressly authorized by M Aerospace RTC will be borne by the customer (Costs of returns are understood to be parcel freight, transportation costs, packaging costs, and any other expense required by the return of any product)

*Not valid for purchase on digital platforms.

*The return processes established by the digital platforms are independent of the policies expressed in this text.

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